Be a Better Boss FAQs

Coaching is for EVERYONE. Anyone can benefit from a coach’s support and expertise.

And you deserve a coach who serves as your advocate and champions your success.

A coach helps you grow and develop your skills, much like we see in professional sports. But coaching isn’t simply for improving your speed, endurance, or goal percentages. Coaching can be used to support decision-making, identify goals, provide clarity in professional and personal matters, and dig deeper into all areas of your life.

We offer leadership and management coaching for all levels of leaders. Whether you have 1, 100, or 1,000 employees, we support your growth, learning, and development goals so you can Be A Better Boss.

It’s my objective to explore with you, motivate you, and partner with you to achieve your goals. You should arrive at each session with a willingness to be open, honest, and vulnerable about your needs, wants, and goals. True commitment to your coaching experience will yield positive results.

We work with new, experienced, and executive leaders, addressing each level's unique challenges. No matter your field or industry, these leadership fundamentals translate to all areas of business. Our clients are as diverse as the issues they face.

Some of the clients/industries we serve include:

  • HR Leaders in small, medium, and large businesses
  • Entrepreneurs, new and established
  • Global business operators, including leaders at Fortune 500 companies
  • Government Agencies & Contractors
  • Manufacturing and Warehouse Operations
  • Communications and PR Professionals
  • Arts & Education - Individuals and Institutions
  • Medical Professionals, including hospital services and private practice

Complete the contact form or call us directly – it’s that easy! An initial exploratory call will help us get to know you better and understand your goals. We will collaborate on the best way forward and begin as soon as you’re ready.

We can tailor your program to meet your specific needs.
Most clients meet 2x/month over 6-12 months.
We recommend 45-minute or 60-minute sessions.
Sessions are held via video conference or by phone.
We offer hybrid programs to include both virtual and in-person coaching sessions.

*Additional travel fees apply to in-person sessions.

Investing in coaching is an important decision with far-reaching benefits. We provide expert support and fresh perspectives to take your leadership to the next level.

Thank you for trusting us on your coaching journey.

  • Our standard coaching rate is $275/hour
  • 45-minute sessions are charged at $210
  • 30-minute sessions are charged at $140
  • Additional travel fees apply to in-person sessions