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It takes more than a leadership bootcamp to get to the heart of your role as the boss.

Here at Be a Better Boss, we take a no-nonsense approach to support both your personal and professional growth, giving you the highest possible return on your investment. Whether you are a brand-new leader, aspire to reach the C-Suite, or putting your entrepreneurial spirit to the test, we help you define your leadership style, navigate your unique challenges, teach you how to build the best teams, and strategize to reach your goals. No matter WHY you're here, Let's DO THIS.

At some point in your career, you probably had a bad boss. Maybe you had a GREAT boss as well. What type of Boss do you want to be?
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Do you want to be a boss? Are you growing into leadership roles, but still finding your voice? You may be an entrepreneur leading a new team, but in unfamiliar territory. Perhaps you're a transitioning military veteran who is learning how to navigate the civilian world.

No matter your title or industry, we empower you with fundamentals that will make a difference on your journey.
Are you currently leading teams and seeking ways to grow? You may be a mid-level manager who is seeking your next promotion. Perhaps you have a role in influencing decisions that shape your company's future. Are you feeling pressure to take on more responsibilities but not feeling prepared? Want to build greater team engagement?

We build upon your strengths and evaluate areas for development, setting you up for success in the next stage of your career.
Are you an executive leader seeking to demonstrate authentic leadership and influence the culture of your organization from the top down? Are you new to the C-Suite? Are you a seasoned Exec seeking innovative ways to influence workplace culture in an evolving corporate environment? Are you growing the next generation of leaders within your organization?

We support your development as you also mentor and shape leaders, teams, and outcomes across your areas of business.
Hi! I'm Bonita and I want to help you Be a Better Boss.

Unpopular Opinion Alert: Your employees don't owe you a thing. Loyalty should not be assumed and must be earned. This begins with you. We must treat our teams - and ourselves - as the valuable humans they (and we) are, instead of a means to an end.

As the boss, you set the tone for workplace culture every day, therefore impacting your team’s work, and ultimately, affecting your bottom line - good or bad. In turn, if your teams aren't motivated, and progress suffers, this can also affect the way you feel as a leader.

When you invest in yourself to become a better boss, you are also investing in each member of your teams, and your entire business.

When you do Better, your team does Better.
When your team does Better, you do Better.
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Let's Talk!
Bonita is a consummate professional with strong management skills and a passion for helping others discover their full leadership potential. During our coaching sessions, she and I worked through my real-time scenarios and discovered root causes of challenges.

Her enthusiasm and integrity are unmatched. With Bonita as your coach, you can’t go wrong.

Jay C., Infrastructure Engineer
U.S. Department of State
Bonita is thoughtful and intentional in her every action, and she puts all of her energy into making her team, her organization, and her client successful. Her coaching and support has been invaluable to my career growth.

I highly recommend Bonita as a consultant and coach.

Alyssa K., Director of Operations
Technology Services
Bonita created a safe space to explore my challenges as a leader. I learned so much from our time together. She asked thoughtful questions which allowed me to examine possibilities I'd never seen before.

Hiring Bonita was the best thing I've done for my career.

William S., Senior Manager
Let's Work Together

We identify pain points and dig deep to discover the WHY. Using our proven Consult and Coach Approach™ we use a combination of your unique workplace scenarios and traditional coaching fundamentals to set goals and map your success.

Our Clients seek:
✓ Career Curation
✓ Greater Executive Presence
✓ Deeper understanding of their strengths
✓ New ways of building teams
✓ To be the best Boss they can Be

Meeting 2x a month we review your goals, your progress, and your challenges. We work through your real-life personal and professional scenarios to identify wins and reveal areas for growth. This is your opportunity to rediscover what being a Better Boss means to you.

Our Clients are:
✓ HR Professionals
✓ Entrepreneurs
✓ Government Agencies & Contractors
✓ Global Fortune 500
✓ Health & Fitness Leaders
✓ IT Innovators
✓ And more

Whether seeking a promotion, growing your teams to be more independent, or increasing employee retention, we help you reach your definition of Better.

Our Clients see:
✓ Increased self-awareness & confidence
✓ Improved Executive Presence
✓ Increased employee retention & Decreased company costs
✓ Promotions & Career Growth
✓ Positive impacts on revenue and sales
Your Options
Options Options Options
This engagement is best for short-term, small-scope issues or projects. Some Bosses have used the 3-month engagement when building a new project team, preparing for a presentation or speech, or when working to improve one specific leadership skill.

At the conclusion of our initial engagement, we will co-create the ongoing support structure that best aligns with your goals.
Our most popular engagement, six months allows us to dig deeper together. Upon identifying your goals, we embark upon a journey of discovery and action. Many Bosses initially choose the 6-month engagement and add an additional 6 months.

At the conclusion of our initial engagement, we will co-create the ongoing support structure that best aligns with your goals.
The 12-month engagement is the highest level of support available and provides the biggest return on your investment. Through a full year of work, we review both short and long-term goals.

At the conclusion of our initial engagement, we will co-create the ongoing support structure that best aligns with your goals.
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